Monday, September 29, 2014

Travelsapien Endorses - Kazakhstan 'Radioactive Jane'

Another great read from Hunter Blacke. This set of books always brings into the general line of the story almost a Travelogue look at the locations. This gives the reader an inside seat on the locations where they can identify with the Operatives, Spies and Assassins. Like it as a Travel Book. Sort of.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Great read on Kindle Amazon. Having visited Armenia during the time this novel is set in I can attest to the fact the accuracy is amazing. As to the story I understand it is a creative licence in motion. Nice mix. I think this fits into a Travel Journal of sorts. Gives a time capsule look at a little country that went through some very difficult times. Congratulations to Armenia for making a super hero recovery.  

The 2nd in the Hunter Blacke Chronicles just published. This one takes place in Armenia. Hunter hooks up with his old friends to unravel a plot to sabotage the games with cheating, manipulation, and deaths. Couple to this is another level of criminality with countries using the games as a cover to engage in covert Arms dealing. Throughout this mirage a new associate joins in to assist however they are very shadowy, clandestine, and brings a totally wild card to the pack. Good historical stuff included rounds out the reads as entertainment and somewhat educating about a country few know anything about. Definitely a Travelsapien recommendation to visit. Beautiful place.

Hunter Blacke Chronicles Book #3 Baku Oil On The Fire takes place in Baku Azerbaijan. The intrigue lies in the Oil Congress where the President is dropping the bombshell he is expelling BP and Britain from the country. This after much backdoor work was done at the collapse of Soviet Russia to position BP favorably with the ruling family. The intent is for the President to increase positioning with the Russians obtaining more personal wealth from the arrangement. Shell and some other players are not affected but BP would be a calamity for the region. Hunter Blacke and some friends all the way thwart the Oil Fixers and insure BP position is not in danger of an economic misfire.
Lots of interesting ingredients readers who travel will find comfort with.