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Okay readers. Month End Relief From Travel. Once again the WEEBLS
for your Halloween Entertainment.

Next month some VERY interesting new ideas in TRAVEL? Okay maybe.

When the kids hit the door - Let's all sing together.
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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Not good for US Travelers who have received the latest warning about travel to Indonesia. Don't go! The warning doesn't do much for the Tourism Market there. Unfortunately this warning will be picked up by a number of country's and there goes the domino effect.
Then again - Why put oneself in harms way? TRAVELSAPIEN suggests travelers do their due diligence when traveling. In today's environment Tourism is being challenged by one too many issues in one too many country's around the world. Travel yes but travel safe.

"JAKARTA, Indonesia — The United States is warning Americans to avoid nonessential travel to Indonesia, saying a suicide bombing on Bali island earlier this month showed that terrorists were still active.
"The possibility remains that terrorists will carry out additional attacks in Bali, Jakarta or other areas of Indonesia in the near future," the U.S. Embassy said, adding that it had received reports Americans could be targeted. The U.S. State Department posted a new warning to travelers on its Web site, superseding one issued in May.The warning came hours before Jakarta Police chief Maj. Gen. Firman Gani disclosed at least 18 sites in the capital are potential targets of bomb attacks ahead of and during next week's celebration of the end of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.
"Police posts will be set up at malls, railway stations, airports, shopping centres and other places," Firman said. He did not identify the places by name.
The world's most populous Muslim nation has been hit by deadly terrorist attacks every year since 2002, when twin nightclub bombings on Bali killed 202 mostly foreign tourists.
The Oct. 1 suicide bombings on the same island targeting three crowded restaurants killed 20 people and wounded more than 100.
The fresh U.S. warning said Americans who do visit Indonesia should "be aware of their surroundings at all times, and vary their routes and times in carrying out daily activities."
Terrorists could target places frequented by Westerners, including hotels, clubs, restaurants, shopping centres, places of worship and schools, the warning said.
U.S. State Dept.
The Bali bombings and the 2003 and 2004 blasts at the Marriott hotel and the Australian Embassy, both in Jakarta, have been blamed on the al-Qaida-linked militant group Jemaah Islamiyah."
(reprinted with permission) STAY SAFE FRIENDS!

Friday, October 28, 2005



You can create an account where you add your mobile phone number and a list of email addresses. You can then send a text from anywhere in the world (works on any phone, on any network) and it will be sent out as an email to everyone in your email list.The service is free to register and free to use. It has been fully tested worldwide and works. Used from Europe and the USA - but it also works in Australia, Asia etc.
Spread the word.
(also it is genuine and received no SPAM or phone calls from it).
TextInTouch enables users to stay in contact with their friends, family, colleagues etc for the price of one text message. The service is ideal in situations where the user does not have immediate access to the internet to send email and wants to send some information to one or more email addresses.
Some examples of existing users of this service are:
People on holiday or travelling around the world whereby this service enables them to quickly let friends and family know that they have arrived in a new hotel/hostel/city/country or simply to let them know that they are safe and well without having to worry about finding an internet access point.
Employees wanting to inform colleagues of business news or events whist away from the office.
Sports coaches wanting to inform individuals and groups about changes to lessons or training schedules.
(To use TextInTouch for commercial purposes please see the relevant section on this page).
(Q) How much does the service cost to use?(A) The service is offered free of charge. You are simply charged the standard text message rate by your mobile phone network provider.
(Q) How do I use TextInTouch? (A) All you need to do is register on this website, add your mobile phone details and a list of email addresses of your contacts. Then, whenever you have something to tell them, send a text message to +447781480230, and it will be converted into an email and sent to your list of email addresses.
(Q) How many contacts can I register to my account? (A) There is no upper limit on the number of contacts that you can register to your account. Please note: We do not tolerate SPAM and will deactivate any account that is used for such activity.
(Q) When I send a text, how long does it take to arrive? (A) The service is as quick as sending a text to another mobile phone. The text message is converted into email and sent automatically.
(Q) How will my personal information be used? (A) We require your phone number and email addresses to provide this service for you. Our company, Alphasoft Solutions Ltd (UK) is registered with the Data Protection Act and we will not pass on your information to any other parties.
(Q) What is the phone number that I need to send my text messages to?(A) +447781480230. Save this in your mobile phone address book, so that you always have it available when you need it.
(Q) Where can I use this service from?(A) TextInTouch can be used in any country worldwide. If you want to send messages from a country different to the country that you registered it in, you will need to have global roaming (which can be set on by your network service provider if it isn't already on).
(Q) Does anyone read my text messages?(A) The service is fully automated and the process of receiving the text, converting it into an email and dispatching it, does not involve anyone seeing your message to ensure your privacy is maintained.
(Q) Once my text messages have been converted, what email address are they sent from? (A) Our service will make the email appear to have been sent from your email address (i.e. the address that you have set up at registration time). This will allow your email contacts to see that it is a message from you.
(Q) If my phone has email ability already, what are the benefits to using TextInTouch?(A) Whilst email on mobile phones may be worthwhile for some business users, majority of people do not really want to have to pay GPRS or 3G rates in order to download email (and usually SPAM email) on their mobile device. They would rather download this for free when they have access to a computer. This service allows you to send information to your email list without having to spend any time setting up email services, remember email addresses or pay for downloading of your email inbox.
(Q) What will the worldwide coverage be like?(A) As this service uses SMS, you will be able to use the service anywhere in the world that you have a mobile phone signal. It does not require need for a GPRS or 3G network like some email systems do.
(Q) Am I able to send messages to select people in my list of email addresses? For example, if I only want my friends to see a message, can I stop my family from receiving it. (A) Yes. You can do this by setting up different email groups on your account and then add the people you want in each group. An email address isn't limited to one group. For more information on how to use groups, see the following section titled Multiple Groups.
(Q) Are my contacts able to reply to my messages? (A) Your messages will be converted into email and made to look as though they have been sent by your email account. Therefore, the receivers will be able to reply by email to your email inbox. We chose not to allow receivers to reply to your mobile phone number as this could become a nuisance if you are working, on holiday etc.
(Q) I have a non-UK mobile phone number i.e. not starting with +44, Can I still use the service?(A) Yes. The service can be used from any phone, any network, any country.
Multiple groups
From your user account page, you can add email addresses to your list of contacts and also create different groups to use. The groups allow you to send information to different people at different times. This is achieved by using a keyword within the text that you send to recognise which group is being contacted. If the keyword is not recognised, then the email is sent to the default group.For example,The following email address are added to "default" group: john.smith@emailaddress.competer.jones@emailaddress.comA group is then created called "family", and the following email addresses added to that group: parents@england.comsister@australia.comuncle@canada.comA text could be sent to this list of family members only, by sending a text message with the very first word in the text set to "family" (or "FAMILY"/"FaMily" etc) If the text sent did not start with "family", then only the "default" group of people will receive the email from this text. Care should be taken in choosing the group names appropriately. For example, if a group is named "Hello" - any texts with Hello as the first word will only reach this group of people. So take a look.... FREE IS GOOD!
Commercial Use
TextInTouch has been developed Alphasoft Solutions Limited (UK). This service is protected by a patent owed by Alphasoft Solutions Limited (UK). If you are interested in using TextInTouch for commercial purposes, please contact at

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How To Win Friends And Influence People

Abu Dhabi's Al Reem Island is 300 metres offshore and will be linked to Abu Dhabi by two bridges. First property project on the island is the USD 7 billion Shams Abu Dhabi development, which will be comprised of a series of themed, exclusive neighbourhoods linked by waterways and the latest ideas in urban transportation networks. The entire development is scheduled for completion by 2011.

TRAVELSAPIEN can only say this is visionary and certainly is going to get attention.
Man Made Tourism ups the anti on pure natural attractions.
Got BUZZ? This sure has.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


ooooooooooooooooooohhh love it!
"A confit leg of Trelough duck was juicy and delicious. It lay like a houri on a bed of puréed potato that was as voluptuous and soft as an eiderdown. This dish was also featured on the lunch menu"

No. 1 Restaurant in the World
...a British restaurant called The Fat Duck. That's the word from an annual list of the world's best eateries compiled by Restaurant magazine with the help of more than 500 chefs and experts, report AFP and The Guardian.
This is quite a feat for an establishment located in the country that is often the butt of jokes about its bad food. But the Brits are having the last laugh. This country is home to the largest number of top restaurants with 14 English restaurants making The World's 50 Best Restaurant's 2005 awards. Eight of the restaurants are in France and six are in the United States. Only one is in Asia.

Fat Duck Tasting Menu (£97.50)
Nitro-green tea and lime mousse, orange and beetroot jelly, oyster, passion fruit jelly, horseradish cream, lavender pommery grain mustard ice cream, red cabbage gazpacho, jelly of quail, langoustine cream, parfait of foie gras
Snail porridgeJabugo ham, shaved fennel
Roast foie grasAlmond fluid gel, cherry and camomile
Sardine on toast sorbetBallotine of mackerel 'invertebrate', marinated daikon
Salmon poached with liquoriceAsparagus, pink grapefruit, Manni olive oil
Poached breast of Anjou pigeon pancettaPastilla of pigeon leg, pistachio, cocoa and quatre épices
White chocolate and caviarMrs Marshall's Margaret cornetPine sherbet fountain
Mango and douglas fir pureeBavarois of lychee and mango, blackcurrant sorbet
Carrot and orange tuileBavarois of basilBeetroot jelly
Smoked bacon and egg ice creamPain perdu, tea jelly
Leather, oak and tobacco chocolatesPraline rose tartlet
A selection of wines by the glass to accompany this menu £67.50
Selection of Champagne Taittinger by the glass to accompany this menu £90.00
An optional 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill

The Top 20 Places To Eat In The World:
The Fat Duck Bray, Berkshire, England
El Bulli, Montjoi, Spain
The French Laundry, Yountville, California
Tetsuya's, Sydney
Gordon Ramsay, London
Pierre Gagnaire, Paris
Per Se, New York
Tom Aikens, London
Jean Georges, New York
St. John, London
Michel Bras, Laguiole, France
Le Louis XV, Monte Carlo
Chez Panisse, Berkeley, California
Charlie Trotter, Chicago
Gramercy Tavern, New York
Guy Savoy, Paris
Restaurant Alain Ducasse, Paris
The Gallery at Sketch, London
The Waterside Inn Bray, Berkshire, England

Who said Britain did not have great food! Oh yes they do me hearties.
TRAVELSAPIEN can't help but think about that Duck Confit. hmmmmmmmm
(reprint from the Guardian and others with thanks)

Monday, October 17, 2005

PARIS France. PARIS Hilton. Pig with Lipstick? Who?

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Did you notice? British Beach? That is “British” right?

A tourism chief has come up with plans to charge beachgoers up to £4 a day to sunbathe.
Malcolm Bell, who heads South West Tourism, said a trip to the seaside was a cheap day out for families compared with going to the cinema or a theme park. He did not feel that members of the public would mind paying up.

Mr Bell cited Bournemouth as an example, saying up to 100,000 people visit the beach on a hot day. That could generate £300,000 for the local council that owns it, and the cash could be poured into improving beach facilities. But his views have angered other tourism organisations. Trade body UK inbound, which represents businesses who bring around 60 per cent of visitors into Britain, accused Mr Bell of taking away one of the few free pleasures left to holidaymakers.
Mr Bell unveiled his plan at environmental charity Encams' annual conference in Bournemouth.
He explained the charge could cover the cost of car parking, beach cleaning and lifeguards.
He told delegates: 'A day on the beach is relatively cheap compared with a trip to a multi-screen cinema which could cost £25 for just a couple of hours' entertainment.
'If a family goes to a leisure centre or swimming pool they could pay anything between £10 and £60. 'I believe the public would be willing to pay more to get more but they would have to see improvements and be able to see where their money is being spent.'
He went on: 'both visitors and local people want better toilets and facilities like showers.
'If we presented it right and delivered more, I don't think many people would object to paying perhaps £2.50 or £3. 'For that charge the beach would have to be well maintained and safe. It would be good value for money and all the revenue generated would go to improving the environment.'
Tim Stoke, director for Encams, said his organisation was also looking into a 'visitor payback' scheme. He said: 'A beach in Cornwall has already introduced a scheme whereby the car park receipts are used to pay for lifeguards, a beach ranger or cleaning costs.
'A cafe in Devon gives customers the option of paying an extra 5p on tea or ice cream. Money raised goes towards managing local wildlife areas. 'It is all about encouraging visitors to give something back if they appreciate an attraction. It could take various forms, such as a donation box. 'People would not be forced to pay and it certainly wouldn't be a tax in tourism.'
But Stephen Dowd, chief executive of UK inbound, condemned the proposals.
He said: 'I think it is a dreadful idea. It is great that in this country you can go to the beach for free and a lot of European countries that used to have private beaches are now coming round to that idea. 'As far as people in this country are concerned, we pay enough for everything else so why take away one of they few pleasures left?'
Hmmmmmm Is this a Halloween prank? TRAVELSAPIEN can't imagine.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Who can say for sure. Especially after 3 or 4

This Martini found "FAME" for years in a popular harbourside cafe.
Unfortunately the establishment, ZETA's CAFE and the face behind the drink have since passed. The secret mix is wished to serious Martini lovers and here it is. Enjoy!

2 oz. VODKA
1/4 oz. Chambourd
1/2 oz pink grapefruit juice (carbonated)
1/2 oz cranberry cocktail
Wedge of Lime
Stirred Not Shaken.

There you go Traveler's. Try it on your favorite Bartender.

Monday, October 10, 2005


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Notable Travel Destinations. Travel Products. Opinions.
Insider's look at Travel- JEERS & CHEERS! Funky Fun.
Information you won't find in any Cheezy Travel Brochure.

"Simply scroll to the footer."


Canadian Thanksgiving coming up folks! Different dates than the American version but Turkey is still the #1 item on the table. For your Turkey pleasure Jacquiel Lawson has an offering for all of the visitors you cannot miss! TRAVELSAPIEN brings you Seasonal wishes for good health and happiness Canadian Style via Great Britain. All Courtesies to Jacquiel. BE SURE TO CLICK!

See you on the flipside! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

PS - Halloween a Ghoulish Scene! Theme Travel getting popular.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

SIQUIJOR Mystical. Magical. NOW!

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GLUB GLUB Siquijor's Underwater Hosts

Hello. Welcome to my world. Photo Courtesy Tommy Schultz Posted by Picasa

DIVE DIVE DIVE - Siquijor Delivers!

Diving around the Island of Siquijor is excellent. There are however sites to the south that might require a lot of experience because of currents. BEST CHECK locally with QUALIFIED dive people before venturing out. Safe diving is your responsibility.

Paliton: Flat reef top (4 to 6m), with nice hard corals and ribbon eels, then a wall.
Sanctuary: This Marine Sanctuary has great hard and soft corals but not many fish.

Lala-o Sunken Island: 10 minute boat ride west of Coco Grove Resort. An underwater island that slopes down from 10 to 40m. Schools of fish, sometimes the manta, lots of sea snakes and turtles.

Shipwreck: Slope. The wreck of a Japanese landing craft lies at 25 to 35m. It is covered with corals and many lionfish live here. Moray eels and frogfish can be discovered.

Salagdoong: A gradual slope from large semi-submerged rocks, that gets steeper around the 20m mark. It has good coral cover with a variety of cabbage, pipe, staghorn and other hard corals, lots of tunicates, soft corals, crinolds, some blue spotted rays, morays and turtles.

Candapino Point: Coral gardens from 7 to 18m with sandy patches. Sometimes a large school of batfish, jacks, rainbow runners, sweetlips and lots of anthias.

Tambisan: Is a great dive with schools of smaller fish, some large gorgonians clinging to the wall, colonies of green tubastrea, black corals and hundreds of invertebrates. There are also several small cavelets and crevices populated by sweepers and soldier fish. The reef top, above 10m is home to lots of anemones.

Tongo Point: The reef top has fields of leather corals, slowly drops and is covered with masses of soft corals with lots of colourful fire hydroids. Further down are crevices and overhands populated by surgeon fish, Moorish idols and a profusion of tiny reef fishes.

Safe Diving all!

A Special thanks to Teresa Zubi who compiled the Dive information.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


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No Parking Meters Here

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SIQUIJOR HAS ARRIVED! Siquijor is of course NOT anywhere near the waters of the Caribbean. Siquijor is an island yes, amidst the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Yes. There were Pirates there too. Siquijor was believed to have risen out of the ocean in a display of thunder and lightening to form a land area masked with mysteries, including unusual religious practices, different, yet parallel to such magical (black art) of the way off Caribbean Islands. Not the same, but mysterious and secret practice where many feared this unknown way of life. It certainly kept inquisitive people away over the years. As the legends spread throughout the islands of the Philippines and South East Asia, Siquijor carried with it the mystery that in part remains today. There are those still who believe the Island is, shall we say, mystical.

The island is famous for manqkukulam, healers and sorcerers who could cast maleficent spells. Enemy's took notice. Nobody wanted any black magic on their soul. There are numerous festivals on Siquijor one of which encompasses practitioners and healers who claim to possess magical powers that includes the gathering of live insects, various herbs all thrown into a cooking pot creating magical potions and spells are recited amidst the boiling concoctive. Check out the Islands festival schedules. You will have a wonderful time on Siquijor. The island is also a great DIVE Island with fantastic waters and great white sand beaches like the Salagdoong Beach, Tubod and others. Don't miss out on the caves. Oh the caves. Up in the mountains, perhaps a friend of a friend locally can whisper the secrets held in some of the lesser known caves. Try the Cave of Cantabon for one. Beautiful lakes too. Don't like ocean water all the time, then swim the lake of San Juan de Capilay. You won't be sorry.

Siquijor land area is approximately 343.50 sq. km. with about 6 incredible small towns. It is one of the smallest islands in the Philippines located in the Central Visayas. Close by is Negros Oriental and Dumaguette City. Also it is close to APO Island one of the world's most magnifient dive locations. Absolutely fabulous people with hearts of gold. So special is Siquijor, no matter where you are in the Philippines, with their many fantastic better known islands, it is worth spending the time to visit Siquijor. You may never want to leave. Great people. Great diving. Great beaches. Great and quaint resorts. Great seafood. A masterful mix of old time tourism.

Siquijor was called the Fire Island or Isla del Fuego. Named by the Spanish explorers, not because it had temples or dragons, or volcanoes but because of fire flies. Siquijor was originally known as Katugasan. TRAVELSAPIEN has no idea why. What is known is the early Spanish were awe struck at the millions of sparkling lights that danced over the island, not knowing at first they were bushels of fire flies drawn to the molave trees that were everywhere over the landscape. Like twinkling stars they lit up the night.

From it's beginning Siquijor has remained mysterious yet that same mystery draws your attention and curiosity. For those wishing something special, inexpensive, and a great life experience enjoy the opportunity. Siquijor has historical buildings too you will enjoy exploring but it is the mystical island itself that will seduce and charm you completely.
To keep up on events and peoples of Siquijor visit Gary Harrison's great site The newsletter is informative and a super source for current events on the Island. A special note of thanks for photo's that came from their gallery of photos of Siquijor as well as Tommy Schultz, who's photos are truly outstanding examples of what you will find when you visit the magical, mystical island of Siquijor. Check out Tommy's website at . Fantastic!

More to follow. SIQUIJOR An island to remember.

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Oh! Oh! These Are Not Sardines.

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