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MUSTIQUE IS NO "MYSTIQUE"! Studio54 at sea

Another "mysterious" island with the snob appeal. Come to think of it "The man who bought Mustique" was portrayed as just that. Colin Tennant, otherwise aristocrat, ortherwise Lord Glenconner purchased Mustique Island in the seventies and introduced it to his hob-nob friends including the likes of Princess Margaret of England and Mick Jagger, the grand dad rocknroll legend. They built their hide-a-way villa's there. Jagger and Bianca were still an item then. Others soon followed and Mustique became "Mystique" so to speak. The rich and famous jollied this luxurious island, had it's debaucherous parties within Glenconner's fanciful empire and friends like David Bowie, Jagger and era notables leading the limbo spirit. Since then Mustique has degenerated into a "wannabe" for the "lot of dot-com millionaires" so said Tennant. Colin Tennant was forced to sell his gatherings sometime in the mid-eighties but the dancing elves of vanity, continued and they even made a movie called The man who Bought Mustique circa 2001. A boring mishmash of the "Basil Fawlty of the aristocracy" said one critic. No matter the rich and famous still frequent this island in the sun located in the Caribbean and the ghosts of the Scotttish Lord who started it all begins to vanish into obscurity.

Stay for a week? Well think of about $35,000 US for a nice villa overlooking the ocean. No. That IS rental NOT purchase. There are lesser locations but Mustique still retains it's Mystique. So often the names are synonomous. Information is not that readily available on this mystical retreat but you may be tempted to seek out the URL The regional airline on the site can perhaps steer your quiry to the right people. An Island resort site of interest is or for additional information.It's good to know there are many who can enjoy such luxuries as this secret of the rich and famous, and, why not. Have fun.


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YOU GO GIRL! Women Who Travel

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WOMEN TRAVELING MORE With changing generations travel finds more relevance and distinct differences in interest by family and by gender. The opportunity for travel has become easier and easier. Today one sector of travel that has gained rapid strides is all female travelers. On their own or with a friend, this covers all ages with a great many woman taking to "Adventure Travel". Not just soft adventure but the more traditionally male visions of Safari, Rafting, Treks, Mountain Climbing and although not a high degree of difficulty Fly Fishing. Female independence in free time travel has come into it's own. The word is they also tip better! Just kidding. Maybe. Well, better than the fly fishermen anyway.

This should be no surprise as woman pioneers in travel have been doing their thing for centuries. Encarta spells out woman travelers of note. In 1869, Dutch explorer Alexandrine Pieternella Francoise Tinne' went out to be the first European woman to cross the Sahara Desert. Unfortunately it goes, visiting some area tribesmen she was robbed and murdered by her guides. Poor tip perhaps. In 1892 Isabella Lucy Bird Bishop became the first woman to be elected to the Royal Geographic Society. She is noted for circling the globe some three times and lived to tell about it. Notable other was Austrian, Ida Reyer Pfeiffer -wrote A Lady's Voyage Round the World, published in English in 1852. One of the first white woman to visit parts of eastern and central Africa was American May French Sheldon. Yes. There are many more.

Woman today refresh the challenge and are making up a vertical of travel growing extremely fast while the boys play golf or simply sit on the couch. Go Girl. It is your turn!
For the interested reader check out Hey! What's that all about ? If that doesn't beat all take a look at and for more travel try No it is not religious, but meets travel of a higher order one would think. Women travelers are seemingly well served by the Tourism Industry and surely will grow.

TRAVELSAPIEN does NOT endorse offerings or the links on the URL's mentioned. TRAVELSAPIEN points to the sites for the purposes of information as too just how much interest and involvement there now is in this area of distinct gender travel.

YES! Journeys end - Endless sky

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South Africa - Land Of Amazing Contrasts

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DIABETIC TRAVEL - South Africa Calling!

DIABETIC TRAVEL - Individual travel in South Africa - for diabetics
This is definitely "Niche Marketing" and a great one at that. Good on you all.
TRAVELSAPIEN has diabetic friends and travel has continued to be a challenge for them.
The opportunity to enjoy a vacation without worry along the way gives diabetics a tremendous sense of relief according to their comments. The concept here - " is to give diabetics and their families the opportunity to spend independent holidays in South Africa within secure circumstances supervised by a qualified nurse and to participate in Safari and tours in the company of other similar people." "To liase between an approved network of endocrinologists and private hospitals in case of an emergency." To secure the right composition of the meals, all guests will be served diabetic food according to guidelines." "To give first aid in case of hypoglycaemi and other situations." "To give professional support and help around the clock, should an acute illness arise." THIS IS KOOL STUFF.

The people behind this include Bente Augsburg out of Denmark who is a registered nurse and her partner in Capetown South Africa Delvin Whitehead who operates
The tours include things like a Safari in Kruger National Park and various other options where diabetics can enjoy adventurous travel without the constant fear of diabetic associated issues.
You can find more about this at
An opportunity diabetics can embrace one would imagine.

DON"T MOVE - There is something behind you

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Why are you laughing at my ears? Huh?

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Bezeklik Grottoes Turfan. Along the legendary Silk Road crossing Central Asia. Not in Armenia yet connects the spirit of ancient travels from Western to Eastern borders. Posted by Hello


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One could argue perhaps, however it is for a fact that Armenia was the cradle of Christianity in Europe! An intriguing landscape as yet unspoiled. Tourism has yet to catch hold in this haunting Country. TRAVELSAPIEN does endorse a visit. Try for early fall if possible. The Pagen temples, the untarnished ancient ruins, the stages of christianity through the centuries will simply take your breath away. It is said that all Western Civilization can see it's religious history in Armenia. Nothing against the travel values and edifices in Greece or Italy but Armenia remains true and chaste. A Country with a difficult history of barbaric invasions, unholy rulers, and, every form of oppression. The people remain friendly, helpful and greet foreigners warmly. You would be well served to visit. Armenian food, their wines, and, their famous brandy (better than French many say) all engage your senses. The cost is not prohibitive either. In Yerevan make sure you visit Paronian St. (street of BBQ's- Shashlik). Fantastic. Enjoy a bastrama sandwich, khash, harisa, kiufta, or kiev cutlets. If you are a funky soul go to "Poplavok the in jazz bar. Try Armenian pizza. "Luhmajun" A wonderful alternative to those you are likely familiar with. Armenian's live life. There is nothing "put on". It is hard to find good validated information on Armenia but do search out

Here you will find some facinating itineraries and extremely helpful, experienced travel people. TRAVELSAPIEN has been there and although it is not the practice to endorse ANY URL or their links, Armenia Explorer has proven to be excellent. One further note about Armenia, if a first time traveler, it may be wise to use a Tour Guide outside of the capital Yerevan.

Westerners will find that there is still little English spoken in the countryside. Armenian and Russian remain the most ready languages at the moment. This is changing quickly as Westerners discover this fantastic travel destination and Armenians rush into serve.


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MICKEY-LU'S-BAR-B-Q Marinette Wisconsin, USA, is touted by it's regulars as being the absolute "Best Barbeque In The World!" Now TRAVELSAPIEN is not one too argue BBQ because throughout the world there are variations of this ancient form of cooking and has been for ever. Every country has some form of BBQ under a variety of different names. Sweet!

TRAVELSAPIEN would say that whatever country you are in somebody has the best offering. A whole lot of people in the USA and their out of country visitors are convinced this out of the way operation may indeed be one of the best. Marinette Wisconsin surprised me in that so often the south eastern states have been known for their fantastic BBQ's and that includes Texas. Some of the best ribs TRAVELSAPIEN ever tasted was just south of a rural town, Sweetwater Tennessee. Nobody gives up their guarded recipe's. Even Northerners. Recipes are more so family than anything else one could imagine. Mickey-Lu's-Bar-B-Q cannot be left out of the majors. Mickey-Lu's-Bar-B-Q doesn't do ribs but their bratwurst and burgers make up for it in a huge way. They come with testimonials that will knock your taste buds off.

Chuck Finnessy has owned this eatery for some 30 plus years. Vehicles drive in from neighbouring states constantly. There is something about the ambience, the historical, and the friendly greeting everybody gets. Too boot they get fantastic BBQ foods, real honest to goodness old fashion American malts, a juke box and everthing you can imagine in Americana nostalgia. Great prices too!

You do not know America until you have visited MICKY-LU's BAR-B-Q and experienced what real good down home American BBQ is all about. If you think the fast food chains represent all there is to know then you don't know America at all. Take time out if in the area and give it a try. You will be hooked. Now you can say you know what America is really all about! The good people at know. Ask them for more details.


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Mickey takes you back! Rock on!

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