Friday, September 30, 2005

END OF MONTH - Time To Relax! Fall Is Upon Us!

So once again it is month end! Wow.
How time flys. Kick off those shoes. Have a glass of wine.
So to get ready for October it is again time for
the WEEBLS family to close off September.
Enjoy and thanks for your continued visits Travelers.
See you in the next day or two. Yes. Yes. Siquijor is coming!
Would TRAVELSAPIEN ever kid you?

Cheers. Next month is pretty soon. Some part of the world it may already be October 01/05

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Saturday, September 24, 2005


CORPSE BRIDE a winner! One reason this animated movie is a box office hit is that many people love to scare themselves or worse enjoy the macabe. GRAVEYARD TOURS are highly popular around the world. Everyone has their own reasons for visiting them. Great Britain has always been popular due to the historical documentation and characters throughout history. Other country's do well too. Even America has caught on. PEOPLE LOVE GRAVEYARDS! Chicago Graves of Note
AND if you really want to just scare yourself silly with horror and fear check into NOW if this keeps you awake all night don't blame TRAVELSAPIEN. Heck just being the messenger here.
FOR FUN take in the CORPSE BRIDE and check the URL on the photo INTRO. Just a great laugh, light hearted animated look at the odd and bizarre. Fun. To those Tourists that are looking for GRAVEYARDS around the world the opportunities are as varied as fine beaches. TRAVELSAPIEN is sticking to beaches. Yikes!

Monday, September 19, 2005

PARIS - A Pig with lipstick?

Paris France has lost it's place in the sun with Paris Hilton taking main stage. When one thinks of Paris these days the thought is on what "she" is wearing or not, doing or not, and why anyone bothers anyway. It is not about France.

Paris France is old, jaded, a shell of it's former self. It is expensive, self centred, rude, arrogant, and truly living in it's former glory. Some even say it has become a "pig with lipstick" Charming, with it's roots showing. It is a reminder of Gloria Swanson in her Cameo looking for her "good side" as the camera came in close to frame her in the glaring lights.

TRAVELSAPIEN can't imagine it ever returning to it's former glory. Why? Well Parisians continue to live in their dreams, past glory, and, have allowed their tomorrow to borrow from old pockets of fame. There is always the contention they are at odds with England and are sorry losers of past conflicts. The food has also lost out to fusion and countless other NEW options. There is so many places in the world that rival anything Paris can conjure up. Just open up and get an example of the real world. It does NOT center around Paris.

Of course one should respect it's former glory, however, pushing it's current postition on unsuspecting visitors is little different than "Hawaiian" dancers that wear plastic skirts, beads, and, come from everywhere but Hawaii. Paris is a plastic mold of it's former life.

The world is changing. Paris is getting old, boring, a former shell of itself during the days when it sat with a small elite group of world cities as a MUST DO. If you miss it in your first years of World Traveling don't worry it will still be there as sorry as ever. Try the new or rejuvenated cities first. When Paris wakes up to realize it is less than second best perhaps their time will come again. As to Paris Hilton, it seems she remains the Paris of choice but think of her when she gets old. Or will you?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

BALI - The Ugly Side Of Tourism

Visable Pollution - Bali Posted by Picasa

BALI - Beach Pollution - UGLY TOURISM

Special Report - Beach Pollution muddies Bali's image.
TRAVELSAPIEN really gets antsy when Tourism becomes ugly. This report is not just about Bali, but numerous well known travel destinations around the world. The press and the Spin Doctors all compete to sell their magical destination for the illusive Tourist Dollar. Unfortunately the Tourist themselves become part of the problem in many cases. Is there such a thing as over Tourism? Sure is!

Eric Unmacht writes to his story and it is worth the read.
Legian, Indonesia - When tourists go to a travel agent to book a tropical holiday they're likely to be handed glossy brochures of Bali's white-sand beaches and crystal-clear blue waters.

That's why a recently leaked water quality report that put a question mark on it's reputation brought fierce reactin from government officials and businesses that depend on Bali's image as a tropical haven for overseas tourists.

"We operate the surf school next to a little river and it can bet pretty nasty in the rainy season, but generally the water's fine." said Jonni Morrison, a teacher at the Rip Curl School of Surf. "I can tell you five years ago it was a damn sght worse."

The report, which showed high levels of nutrient contaminants, as well as potentially dangerous heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, brought equal reaction from island residents convinced the ocean is being polluted by rapid development.

"It's very difficult to get a hold of good, efficient testing here, but have a look at a suburban drain or outlet in the States versus a suburban outlet here and see what it smells like," said Michael Ricos, a biologist and founder of Elia Environmental consulting company on Bali.

"The problem is we're getting RAW SEWAGE overflows, as well as vastly untreated amounts of high-nutrient rich water being let out into the ocean," he said. "That's a big problem."

Those who think any dispute involving water pollution can be easily solved bysimple, objective testing have only to look on the other side of the Indonesian archipelago at the ongoing battle between the government and the U.S. mining giant Newmont.

The company has been locked in a fierce public relations bttle with the government after being accused of polluting the waters of Sulawesi Island, with both the government and Newmont claiming to hold test results that contradict each other.

In the case of Bali, whose lifeline depends on its image as a tropical paradise, even after results showed some chemicals far above government-set limits for swimming and recreation, the head of the island's environmental agency insisted the water was safe.

"We test twice a year, in the rainy season and the dry season, and all the paramenters are under the limit," Ni Wayan Sudji said, "The sea in Bali is safe and good for swimming. Seven of our nine regencies have won awards from the national government."

Experts say that one reason for the government's apparent lack of concern about the test results is the subjective nature of their interpretation.

Luka Adhyakso, a toxicologist who works with the World Wildlife Fund in Jakarta said that, althought above limits, the contaminants found in the waters of some of Bali's most popular tourist beaches weren't seriously harmful for swimmers.

Besides a scratchy throat or itchy eyes that can come from nutrient contamination, the serious, long-term health problems come from heavy metals. Those problems, however, usually result from the consumption of the water or things that live in the water.

"Some of the chemicals that exist, the benchmarks are from the heavy metal family so there is always the potential that these chemicals can poison people from the food chain when they consume regular marine products from the vicinity" Adhyasko said, "apart from that, it's reasonably safe to swim there." HUH?

THE REPORT GOES ON - HELLO It seems to TRAVELSAPIEN there is a touch of denial on the part of BALI.

But sceptics say that the biggest reason the government isn't likely to take immediate action is the lack of immediate effect on visitor's health, as tourists drink purified water. HELLO! How about swimming in it? Just a thought.

Environmentalists point to possible effects on the local Balinese population - who drink out of the rivers and eat plenty of fish - but say absent conclusive research and evidence, government officials and polluters are able to ignore the problem.

Fact seems little effort is being made to clean up the continual degradation of waters off BALI.
Another interesting website you may wish to visit

These people show Tourists the underbelly and dark side of BALI all to the discomfort of officials who deny there are problems in paradise. TRAVELSAPIEN leaves it to you all to conclude is BALI - UGLY TOURISM? To this is the contribution of Tourists to the general disgard of bottles, wrappers, and junk. Without adequate care in removal the mess remains on land, beaches and water. That is a Tourist responsibility to caretake paradise so everyone following can enjoy without worrying about their health and well-being. Do your part to keep your favorite retreat pristine and natural. As to governments and businesses who hide or live in denial a pox on them all. Exposing UGLY TOURISM is a good thing!

Monday, September 05, 2005

WANT TO TRAVEL FREE? Little Known Secret

Shhhhhhhhhh You never heard this from TRAVELSAPIEN!
A little known secret...............................
Want to travel FREE or perhaps just really dirt cheap?

Well there may be a way for those willing to be (TRANSPORTER 2)
Nothing violent. Nothing illegal. Just call yourself a 'Transporter'.
Since 1989 a little published Organization called International Association Of Air Travel Couriers offers up a membership (US$45 per annum) that might blow your socks off!

Right! Be a Courier!

If you choose to join you become a registered Courier and avail yourself of standby or extremely inexpensive or even FREE Air Travel solely for being registered as an "Air Courier".
WOW! Link on to

Now as always TRAVELSAPIEN does NOT endorse but simply points out an opportunity. You can do your own due diligence. The choice is yours alone. Kind of fun though. Pretend you are the TRANSPORTER and fill your diary or journals with your travel exploits at amazing value. See you in the standby line!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

England always was qwirky

TRAVELSAPIEN wishes to let everyone know England was always qwirky. Sort of.
In the old days when visitors came over, they could obtain pork, which made them feel special. The would hang up their bacon to show off. It was a sign of wealth that a man could "bring home the bacon". They would cut off a little to share with guests and would all sit around and "chew the fat".

Is that qwirky or oinky? Fun to follow the trail of quaint phrases and sayings.
What does that have to do with Travel? Well. Absolutely nothing except next time or your first time in England you have a story to tell the locals.

Friday, September 02, 2005



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TRAVELSAPIEN brings stuff pushy Travel Guru's won't.

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Where honestly can you find out if the guy with the wild white hair was hit with lightening or not? Psssst. He wasn't. It is a regional (Azerbaijan) fleecy hat men have worn for centuries. For the record, those guys can both dance and throw knives with their teeth at the same time. Ouch!

The "Silver" Bullet ready for the Get Go

"Hi Ho AUDI." Now this is one horse to ride. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, September 01, 2005


TRAVELSAPIEN wants you to know this automobile AUDI 8 is not available to rent unfortunately. It is a beautiful silver Audi don't you think?

Next time you travel and want to rent-a-car ask yourself hmmmmmm " Should I see if I can rent one in silver?" Not joking around everyone. This car is totally made of silver.

What "oil" can buy. Wonder what this little gem costs mph! Oh who cares? Who cares?

LOOK! It's leaking "OIL" again.

DUBAI "Sunday Touring" car. Solid Silver. Posted by Picasa

Silver Audi. Yes. Really. SOLID Silver!

Parking the Silverware Posted by Picasa