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You can create an account where you add your mobile phone number and a list of email addresses. You can then send a text from anywhere in the world (works on any phone, on any network) and it will be sent out as an email to everyone in your email list.The service is free to register and free to use. It has been fully tested worldwide and works. Used from Europe and the USA - but it also works in Australia, Asia etc.
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(also it is genuine and received no SPAM or phone calls from it).
TextInTouch enables users to stay in contact with their friends, family, colleagues etc for the price of one text message. The service is ideal in situations where the user does not have immediate access to the internet to send email and wants to send some information to one or more email addresses.
Some examples of existing users of this service are:
People on holiday or travelling around the world whereby this service enables them to quickly let friends and family know that they have arrived in a new hotel/hostel/city/country or simply to let them know that they are safe and well without having to worry about finding an internet access point.
Employees wanting to inform colleagues of business news or events whist away from the office.
Sports coaches wanting to inform individuals and groups about changes to lessons or training schedules.
(To use TextInTouch for commercial purposes please see the relevant section on this page).
(Q) How much does the service cost to use?(A) The service is offered free of charge. You are simply charged the standard text message rate by your mobile phone network provider.
(Q) How do I use TextInTouch? (A) All you need to do is register on this website, add your mobile phone details and a list of email addresses of your contacts. Then, whenever you have something to tell them, send a text message to +447781480230, and it will be converted into an email and sent to your list of email addresses.
(Q) How many contacts can I register to my account? (A) There is no upper limit on the number of contacts that you can register to your account. Please note: We do not tolerate SPAM and will deactivate any account that is used for such activity.
(Q) When I send a text, how long does it take to arrive? (A) The service is as quick as sending a text to another mobile phone. The text message is converted into email and sent automatically.
(Q) How will my personal information be used? (A) We require your phone number and email addresses to provide this service for you. Our company, Alphasoft Solutions Ltd (UK) is registered with the Data Protection Act and we will not pass on your information to any other parties.
(Q) What is the phone number that I need to send my text messages to?(A) +447781480230. Save this in your mobile phone address book, so that you always have it available when you need it.
(Q) Where can I use this service from?(A) TextInTouch can be used in any country worldwide. If you want to send messages from a country different to the country that you registered it in, you will need to have global roaming (which can be set on by your network service provider if it isn't already on).
(Q) Does anyone read my text messages?(A) The service is fully automated and the process of receiving the text, converting it into an email and dispatching it, does not involve anyone seeing your message to ensure your privacy is maintained.
(Q) Once my text messages have been converted, what email address are they sent from? (A) Our service will make the email appear to have been sent from your email address (i.e. the address that you have set up at registration time). This will allow your email contacts to see that it is a message from you.
(Q) If my phone has email ability already, what are the benefits to using TextInTouch?(A) Whilst email on mobile phones may be worthwhile for some business users, majority of people do not really want to have to pay GPRS or 3G rates in order to download email (and usually SPAM email) on their mobile device. They would rather download this for free when they have access to a computer. This service allows you to send information to your email list without having to spend any time setting up email services, remember email addresses or pay for downloading of your email inbox.
(Q) What will the worldwide coverage be like?(A) As this service uses SMS, you will be able to use the service anywhere in the world that you have a mobile phone signal. It does not require need for a GPRS or 3G network like some email systems do.
(Q) Am I able to send messages to select people in my list of email addresses? For example, if I only want my friends to see a message, can I stop my family from receiving it. (A) Yes. You can do this by setting up different email groups on your account and then add the people you want in each group. An email address isn't limited to one group. For more information on how to use groups, see the following section titled Multiple Groups.
(Q) Are my contacts able to reply to my messages? (A) Your messages will be converted into email and made to look as though they have been sent by your email account. Therefore, the receivers will be able to reply by email to your email inbox. We chose not to allow receivers to reply to your mobile phone number as this could become a nuisance if you are working, on holiday etc.
(Q) I have a non-UK mobile phone number i.e. not starting with +44, Can I still use the service?(A) Yes. The service can be used from any phone, any network, any country.
Multiple groups
From your user account page, you can add email addresses to your list of contacts and also create different groups to use. The groups allow you to send information to different people at different times. This is achieved by using a keyword within the text that you send to recognise which group is being contacted. If the keyword is not recognised, then the email is sent to the default group.For example,The following email address are added to "default" group: john.smith@emailaddress.competer.jones@emailaddress.comA group is then created called "family", and the following email addresses added to that group: parents@england.comsister@australia.comuncle@canada.comA text could be sent to this list of family members only, by sending a text message with the very first word in the text set to "family" (or "FAMILY"/"FaMily" etc) If the text sent did not start with "family", then only the "default" group of people will receive the email from this text. Care should be taken in choosing the group names appropriately. For example, if a group is named "Hello" - any texts with Hello as the first word will only reach this group of people. So take a look.... FREE IS GOOD!
Commercial Use
TextInTouch has been developed Alphasoft Solutions Limited (UK). This service is protected by a patent owed by Alphasoft Solutions Limited (UK). If you are interested in using TextInTouch for commercial purposes, please contact at