Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Amazing! With peace comes travel. A recent article on KAYAK points to the fact "with peace comes travel". So true. So true. Recently in particular
Croatia, Sierre Leone, Afghanistan, Vietnam. Prior to this the European and Japan wars were beads for North American's wishing to revisit centres of conflict for themselves and their families. These areas of conflict are magnets once hostility ends for numerous reasons that go beyond simple interest or marketing efforts. As each war ends the tourists come. Not a great endorsement for a priority sales plan indeed. The Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan perhaps in the future? Fact is already there are bone-fide tourists all be they Independent Travelers, by security escort finding themselves crossing through Afghanistan or conflict areas in Northern Africa. Pretty scary but a heck of a story for the kids.
(Photo - Satka. Located in the Southern Urals of Russia. Arms Collection on display)