Thursday, July 31, 2008


In the shadows of Mt Banahaw, located in the Philippines are many mysteries. There are more than 100 cults located in the near area that all pay homage to the Volcano Mt. Banahaw BUT never fear travelers. Every year 100's of thousands visit the location in Delores and then again after they leave Delores once again retreats into a sleepy, quiet wishful area. There is magic. All year round there is JAY HERRERA with his unique blend of lodging, bar and the only restaurant you will ever want to never leave. Fabulous food cooked fresh by JAY. There is no menu. Great hospitality, friendly guests and ecclectic food drive this successful venture. Not easy to locate but find Delores and ask anybody where is the best food in the territory. with that just hope JAY is home and there is a seat for you. FABULOUS. If you travel to the Philippines, the Quezon Region insure you detour and visit Mt. Banahaw, get spiritual, walk the streets of Delores and find JAY'S place. Stay awhile. A great experience! TRAVELSAPIEN experienced it. TRAVELSAPIEN loved it! You will too!