Tuesday, June 12, 2012

JAY HERRERA - King of Delores, Philippines?

When in Delores, Philippines make sure you discover the hospitality of JAY HERRERA and experience the magic of his cuisine. In the shadows of Mt. Banahaw there is no better place for genuine hospitality, great conversation, friendly hosts. There are no menus but who needs them! When JAY get's cooking just sit back, imagine the possibilities and there it is! FABULOUS! When in Delores ask around. Ask for the most hospitable place in town and of course where legendary experiences are found with respect to cuisine found no where else in the Philippines. Everybody points to JAY'S! YES! TRAVELSAPIEN says just say "Hey Jay - Bob sent us!" You may find yourself served quickly or maybe last! Hey what the hey just say HELLO JAY! What's cooking?
Oh right the name? KINABUHAYAN CAFE/Guest House or just JAY'S PLACE. Delores, Quezon Province, Philippines. Do it Travelers. Sooo Good!