Monday, April 16, 2012

GUYANA - Feel the pulse of the Universe

Guyana – a vast and spectacular wilderness filled with amazing sights.

GUYANA The Traveler's unknown jewel.
Guyana is South America's little-known curiosity. It shares borders with Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname, yet remains well-off South America's beaten tourist track. The English speaking locals and colonial past make for a culture that is decidedly more Caribbean than Latin, but the muddy Atlantic shores offer little draw for beach worshippers. There are 83,000 square miles but 90 percent of the sparse 750,000 inhabitants live along the coast, leaving Guyana's forested interior--80 percent of the landmass--relatively unpopulated outside of Amerindian villages.

Guyana is where the Guiana Shield (one of four pristine tropical rainforests left in the world) converges with the Amazon Basin. The unique geography creates a myriad of habitats for birds, ranging from coastal waters to mangroves, marshes, savannahs, mountains and tropical rainforests. Just over 800 species of birds have been recorded in Guyana, making it an ideal destination for birdwatchers the world over.