Friday, December 24, 2004

Travel is a very personal thing!

Travel is a very personal thing! It is unique in expression and value to each individual in a different way. Not all experiences are good as we all that travel know. What is good and bad is many times a personal value and NOT the reality. Depending on many things that including education, upbringing, life experiences and surroundings all contribute to one's acceptance of conditions and peoples on their travels. Unique travel may not be unique to the next person. In fact it may be down right ugly. THAT does not mean it is! An insider's look at Tourism, Travel and Hospitality. The opportunity to review "out of the box" urges to explore the world. TRAVELSAPIEN opinions are only opinions. Everybody has one. This is but one in a world of billions. The best advise is take everything with a grain of salt. The pepper is complimentary. Enjoy.