Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Weight gain a problem? TRAVELSAPIEN suggests backpacking as a route to contemplate. Travel by foot a gaining popularity. You just have to check on Dave. Netscape and CNET have featured him and his trek across America to lose weight. Call it TRAVEL. Now Dave is one big guy.Dave is taking on celebrity status with even the Oprah Show interested. Dave has a great site to follow his journey and there are great links to those interested in backpacking and hiking. Don't miss out on the TRAVELSAPIEN piece on Walking Tours done back in December/04. Check the archive and if Europe is kool you will like it. Right now though the FAT MAN WALKING is pure innocence and a great tribute to someone who wants to make personal changes. It is inspiring that instead of sitting in some Gym and sweating away to music with cheezy personal trainers barking encouragement at you Dave has choosen to walk it off! Healthy and fun. So Kool you need give him a hand. Travel by foot was truely the original touring vehicle. Let's all follow Dave at
Cheer him on! Go Dave Go
PS: Wonder what his website name will be if he totally changes his weight to maybe Slim Man Walking? Hmmmmm Go Dave Go