Thursday, August 04, 2005


TRAVELSAPIEN wants you all to be sure and thank Andrew Zimmern, former Chef and Food Critic for the recipes empowering you to enjoy this real good Kansas City version of American Barbeques. The Rub. The Basting Sauce. The Sauce............. and now you know what to do with them all.

Remember from the other post THE MEAT>> a 1 bone-in-pork shoulder, 5-7 pounds.

1.Combine the rub ingredients, set aside.
2.Combine the basting sauce ingredients, whisk until sugar and salt are dissolved, set aside.
3.Combine barbeque sauce ingredients over medium heat in a small pot.
4.When simmering, lower heat to maintain simmer and gently cook until barbecue sauce consistency is reached. Cool and refrigerate overnight.

Massage pork shoulder with the rub and let sit overnight in the refrigerator. "Grill" the pork over indirect medium-low heat, using smoking chips if desired

(I do) to establish a deeper smoke flavor. You will want to keep adding hardwood or charcoal every 40 minutes or so to maintain a low heat of roughly 250 degrees. For gas grills, you also want to maintain a temperature of roughly 250 degrees and cook over indirect heat. Baste every hour with the basting sauce. Pork is done when the meat is fork tender, and almost falls apart. ( some people would call that "Pulled Pork"). It will have shrunken back from the bone. This will take roughly six hours or until fork tender.
Serve pork with the barbeque sauce.

Now you know why you were making three different treatments for cooking and eating Always remember good comes from slow. Do NOT rush the recipe. If you do not have time to prepare this correctly there is always some take-out you can go to.
( NOT UNLESS YOU ARE IN KANSAS) PS - Is Barbeque, Barbecue is BBQ? Does it matter?
If this recipe does not work for you - SEE YOU IN KANSAS!