Monday, September 19, 2005

PARIS - A Pig with lipstick?

Paris France has lost it's place in the sun with Paris Hilton taking main stage. When one thinks of Paris these days the thought is on what "she" is wearing or not, doing or not, and why anyone bothers anyway. It is not about France.

Paris France is old, jaded, a shell of it's former self. It is expensive, self centred, rude, arrogant, and truly living in it's former glory. Some even say it has become a "pig with lipstick" Charming, with it's roots showing. It is a reminder of Gloria Swanson in her Cameo looking for her "good side" as the camera came in close to frame her in the glaring lights.

TRAVELSAPIEN can't imagine it ever returning to it's former glory. Why? Well Parisians continue to live in their dreams, past glory, and, have allowed their tomorrow to borrow from old pockets of fame. There is always the contention they are at odds with England and are sorry losers of past conflicts. The food has also lost out to fusion and countless other NEW options. There is so many places in the world that rival anything Paris can conjure up. Just open up and get an example of the real world. It does NOT center around Paris.

Of course one should respect it's former glory, however, pushing it's current postition on unsuspecting visitors is little different than "Hawaiian" dancers that wear plastic skirts, beads, and, come from everywhere but Hawaii. Paris is a plastic mold of it's former life.

The world is changing. Paris is getting old, boring, a former shell of itself during the days when it sat with a small elite group of world cities as a MUST DO. If you miss it in your first years of World Traveling don't worry it will still be there as sorry as ever. Try the new or rejuvenated cities first. When Paris wakes up to realize it is less than second best perhaps their time will come again. As to Paris Hilton, it seems she remains the Paris of choice but think of her when she gets old. Or will you?