Monday, September 05, 2005

WANT TO TRAVEL FREE? Little Known Secret

Shhhhhhhhhh You never heard this from TRAVELSAPIEN!
A little known secret...............................
Want to travel FREE or perhaps just really dirt cheap?

Well there may be a way for those willing to be (TRANSPORTER 2)
Nothing violent. Nothing illegal. Just call yourself a 'Transporter'.
Since 1989 a little published Organization called International Association Of Air Travel Couriers offers up a membership (US$45 per annum) that might blow your socks off!

Right! Be a Courier!

If you choose to join you become a registered Courier and avail yourself of standby or extremely inexpensive or even FREE Air Travel solely for being registered as an "Air Courier".
WOW! Link on to

Now as always TRAVELSAPIEN does NOT endorse but simply points out an opportunity. You can do your own due diligence. The choice is yours alone. Kind of fun though. Pretend you are the TRANSPORTER and fill your diary or journals with your travel exploits at amazing value. See you in the standby line!