Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CHEBARKUL Russia The CLIFF 'Sanatorium'

CHEBARKUL Once the mighty resort area for Soviet 'REST' rejuvination, relaxation, includes the CLIFF Sanatorium. NOW! Don't panic! Sanatorium is the highest level (they say)NOT, but regardless it is where you holiday, recoup, have a variety of services available for health recovery, some one would question that, however, they are like country camps where one does get away from the populated cities, and mundane jobs. Bottomline Sanatorium in Russia, this case Siberia, is a 'GOOD' thing and is unfortunately mistaken as a SPA or RESORT to Westerner's. In Western terms that does not fly! Be a little shocked if expecting similar SPA treatment and sensual care as is the case back home. SOON however the Russian 'Sanatorium's (not what your thinking) are being upgraded to meet the world standard and description of SPA RESORT. Check it out first! Make sure you know before booking. The CLIFF, was built in 1924 and although remains magestic in structure and set in a beautiful birch forest boardering a beautiful lake, they are only beginning to catch up. Valerii has his fully upgraded "HOME" hotel on this same sprawling site and he caught the wave. A great property fully modernized to Western standards and ready for Medical Tourism recovery clients. Worth the trip? Well if money and personal life comfort matters. Most certainly.