Friday, October 27, 2006


CHELAYBINSK - Southern Urals. One of Russia's "SECRET" Cities! "Best Doctor's on the Planet" describes the future potential for MEDICAL TOURISM. World Class Doctor's indeed, state-of-the-art hospital facilities, great food too! A fraction of the cost for cosmetic re-construction, hip and joint replacements and much more. The redevelopment of the numerous elegant Soviet "REST" facilities nearby speaks volumes to the potential. Numerous clean lakes, and reconstructed hotels meeting Western Standards is well underway. Visit the "tank" city! Chelyabinsk. The famous tanks of the Russian Army were built here. Old Russia, trams, Bashkir and Tatar villages nearby makes Medical Service trip both practical and a great vacation as well. Sure their are accounts of past ecological errors and yes it does exist in many areas however the containment is evident and the locals shrug off the descriptions many have placed on the area. If concerned, don't be, as you are not there long enough to worry about things like radiation exposure. Heck if that is your only issue one has to ask the millions living in this "hidden" zone their perception. Having visited the area the response would be "you doth worries too much about nothing". Somehow that makes sense! Never saw one green person nor experienced my shoes burning. No really!
Want proof? Take a look at Plan now to fix your nose travelers. There is a the magestic CLIFF Resort where my good friend Valerii runs a great modern little hotel on this location calling it the "Home". A great host and conscious of Western needs.