Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Colombia South America is heating up!

HOT Tourism destination? You bet. How does a nation ravaged by years of bad publicity turn itself around? One road at a time. When President Alvaro Uribe took over office in 2002 the rate of normality to Colombia has grown significantly. Shedding the leadership role in world cartels and (B) rate movies portraying the country in a bad light Colombia is emerging as a physically stunning and culturally vibrant country. Having spent a number of months touring the interior of the country TRAVELSAPIEN can say to those looking for a new destination for either coastal beaches, interior adventure packages including agro-tourism, cultural exchange, festivals and CHIVA Colombia is a super choice. Inexpensive, raw, untainted by mom and pop dressed simpletons who only want processed burgers for dinner Colombia offers antiquity to rival anyone. 3 UNESCO designated sights in Heritage, Biosphere, and Antiquity. Pre-Colombian art, and much much much more. Medellin is now gaining a reputation as a cultural center, with its own international fashion week with a thriving art scene. Other major cities are discovering their identity. The interior areas such as HUILA especially GARZON as the centre point has Coffee Plantation Guesthouses, Farm Stays including sugarcane processing, pinapples, coca of course with chocolate to challenge the world's best. Activities from water rafting, extreme packages, and friendly people everywhere. More on Colombia coming soon. TRAVEL + LEISURE in their March 2007 issue feature Colombia and it is worth the read. Get aquainted. Be first. Many will follow soon.
In the mean time check out POLLO LOCO Radio Garzon for a mix of Cumbia, Urban, Rock and plain great background music while you surf your favorite sites. Nice!

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