Saturday, September 08, 2007


Expensive Desserts For The Very Loaded Traveler.
Cash - That is......
The dish called Fortress Aquamarine worth of $14,500 can be tasted in Sri-Lanka restaurant Wine3. Here travellers are served a tiny tartlet with fresh berries, decorated with an 80-carat aquamarine brilliant. The gourmands with a thick purse will also be pleased with Brownie Extraordinaire - a chocolate cookie soaked in Crystal champagne. It is served with a sprinkler filled with vintage port wine which is used to spray the mouth after each eaten slice of food. You can taste this delicacy worth of $1000 in Tropicana Casino and Resort (New Jersey).

The Serendipity restaurant (New York) will offer its guest the ice-cream worth of $1000, prepared from several kinds of vanilla, truffles, bitter chocolate and sweetened caviar. The crystal vase which was used to serve the dessert might be taken away. The Istanbul Ciragan Palace Kempinski offers the unique “sultan pie” which costs $1000. The pie is staffed with fresh fruit and figs pickled in Jamaica rum, and then covered with plates of gold. In Bangkok restaurant Mezzaluna you can taste the ice-cream made of truffles, decorated with hand-worked chocolate and soaked with a forty-years aged cognac - just for $200.
(Thanks to Forbes Traveler and Trendhunter for their heads up!) Actually Travelsapien already knew about this however these people write better and have more money. Wink Wink)