Monday, July 18, 2005


For some really EXTREME travel fun this might just interest those bored with the ordinary. Let's be honest. Ordinary to one is not to someone else. In this case this is EXTRA-ORDINARY!
These guys are doing something positive with the old Soviet Military utensils and Space Hardware. Gotta like it. Looks like Putin enjoys the thrills too. Anyway Ride a Spaceship. Ride a MiG Jet Fighter. Work out with the Spetsnaz (old USSR Special Forces Guys) or take a little Space Travel Training in their sophisticated Star City Whirler. No milkshakes please. For something a little less adventurous try hunting. Perhaps a Dagastan Tur Hunt would thrill you. Tur? What's a Tur. Wild sheep it is. Then there is fishing trips. Off to Yakutsk for Taimen fishing in Yakutia. Take some extra time and enjoy driving Military Copters, Tanks, or Balloons. Now is this not a way to tell your friends you have what it takes? An EXTRA-ORDINARY extreme holiday in Russia. Won't that work up the parents? Extreme Travel & Adventures have offices in California and can be found on the web at
Be first! Live to brag. See you soon.