Saturday, July 16, 2005


Touring America On Motorcycles Not your average Biker anymore. Motorcycle Touring has become an International phenomena. What kind of bikes? Well BossHoss, California Choppers, Martin Group and the recently departed Indian Larry kind of wheels Harley still holds it's own. For those wishing something different there is the Buell, or Honda Golden Wings, and even the silent whispering slinky the BMW. It is your choice. America offers up some great Bike Touring Highways. For reference you might want to click on or Then there is to satisfy your highway urges. For world Biking there is Alway a special USA ride is found at

Here are a few Twisty Road Polls that suggest great rides for you.
1. Deal's Gap (US 129) Known to motorcycle riders as "The Dragon" (see above) It features 318 turns in 12 miles along one stretch between Maryville, Tennessee and Topoco, North Carolina.
2. Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive - Following the spine of the Smoky Mountains from Cherokee, North Carolina to Shenadoah National Park in northern Virginia, this 469-mile National Park climbs to over 6,000 feet and is renowned for its magnificent views. If you are a rider who rides with stero why not listen in the super Blue Ridge Parkway Special Drive-Time music supplied by the people at SONY Classical Music. Click On the June Archives for full story.
3. US 12 - The scenic stretch between Lolo, Montana and Lewiston, Idaho, follows a route originally used by explorers Lewis & Clark.
4. Spearfish Canon (US 85)- The stretch from Spearfish to Lead is a favorite while touring the Black Hills in South Dakota.
5. Angeles Crest Highway (California Highway 2), remember your helmets here for sure, A picturesque, undulating voyage on California Highway 2 and its side roads between Glendale and San Bernardino. - Helmet slang (Brain Bucket)
6. Wisconsin State Highway 35 - As it traces the path of the Mississippi River, few stretches of Midwestern pavement offer the beauty and curves you will find between Prescott and Pepin Wisconsin.
7. New Hampshire's Kancamagus Highway (Highway 112) Winds over New Hampshire's White Mountain ridges and past waterfalls from Lincoln to Conway.
8. Oregon's Green Springs Highway (Highway 66) Three river crossings and a climb over 4,700 foot Hayden Mountain Summit highlight this stretch between Klamath Falls and Ashland.
9. John Wayne Country. Million Dollar Highway (US 550) Named from the low-grade gold ore present in parts of its road bed, this high-altitude highway climbs to over 10,000 -foot passes between Durango and Silverton in Southwestern Colorado. This is COWBOY COUNTRY. Yahooooo! Many US Western films were made in this region.
10. Arkansas Highway 7 Winding from Harrison to Jasper on through the Ozark National Forest this route is a southern delicacy.

There you go Bikers and those timid who might wish to drive their convertible Corvette or such.
The above trips are excerpts from the BUELL Twisty Road Poll in the order of popularity.
Take your choice but please make one. You will enjoy the open air and the big grand America Highways. Truly a thrill. For more information contact all the links TRAVELSAPIEN has offered herein. Surely you will find your special road warrior holiday. If you are destined you could always attend the 500,000 + Bikers who annually take in Sturgis, South Dakota. First timers are simply just intimidated with the range of characters and the bikes as well. Second year types show their wares well and after that all the great meeting places in America happen.
For a look at what you are in for check out Now fire up that knucklehead, hang off the ape bars or cruise in with the beach bars. Gear down with your jockey stick and be kool. You are now certified. Stay safe.