Saturday, July 23, 2005


Have you sat and watched travelers say at an airport, or any other travel staging point? It is hilarious at times to see the difference in what traveler's wear, and, the amount of luggage they drag along with them. There are good sites for those looking for some rules of the road for specific travel venues. TRAVELSAPIEN won't repeat all that here. Every good travel group includes hints for your perusal. has a great "How to pack" page.

It is usually not hard to seperate the seasoned traveler from the novice. Hard to believe that people still wear "his and hers" matching wear. Hard to believe that others put on brand spanking new duds that will never get by the first coffee spill when air turbulence arrives. There are many good travel wear company's out there and wise travelers should first take a look at the options they have before rushing into the brink. Two TRAVELSAPIEN finds worth looking at are and for the finest quality in my opinion of travel wearables is AND never pass up the opportunity of Lots there too!

The choices are only two but you get the idea. Check out what works. These people know. What I like to do is wear okay, but, not perfect older clothes and shoes. I like to take an on board bag where I can keep the better stuff close by me as necessary. When I get to where I am going there is the oppportunity to donate your worn goods or throw them away. Boy does that ever lighten the load when heading home! TRAVELSAPIEN has been on extended out of country jaunts and when returning the customs guys go nuts. They ask the most interesting questions. "How could you be away 8 weeks and carry one small bag? Didn't you every change? Didn't you ever wash your clothes? Like where are the gifts and all? HAHA Well I always buy gifts that fold up nicely and take up little space. Like wall tapestry, T-Shirts, what have you. It sure makes travel fun. Why take a lap-top either? Unless absolutely necessary there are Cyber-Cafes everywhere. You can upload files from the Web and or you can carry CD-Rom's. There is hardly a country in the world where you cannot find access to open your files or stay in touch with banking, stock brokers, and mom. Another story another day. In the mean time check out the clothing links travelers and pass on the bright prints with shocking white shorts. Talking about Travel Gear don't leave Fido at home either. Look in at Now your traveling!