Thursday, February 10, 2005

DIABETIC TRAVEL - South Africa Calling!

DIABETIC TRAVEL - Individual travel in South Africa - for diabetics
This is definitely "Niche Marketing" and a great one at that. Good on you all.
TRAVELSAPIEN has diabetic friends and travel has continued to be a challenge for them.
The opportunity to enjoy a vacation without worry along the way gives diabetics a tremendous sense of relief according to their comments. The concept here - " is to give diabetics and their families the opportunity to spend independent holidays in South Africa within secure circumstances supervised by a qualified nurse and to participate in Safari and tours in the company of other similar people." "To liase between an approved network of endocrinologists and private hospitals in case of an emergency." To secure the right composition of the meals, all guests will be served diabetic food according to guidelines." "To give first aid in case of hypoglycaemi and other situations." "To give professional support and help around the clock, should an acute illness arise." THIS IS KOOL STUFF.

The people behind this include Bente Augsburg out of Denmark who is a registered nurse and her partner in Capetown South Africa Delvin Whitehead who operates
The tours include things like a Safari in Kruger National Park and various other options where diabetics can enjoy adventurous travel without the constant fear of diabetic associated issues.
You can find more about this at
An opportunity diabetics can embrace one would imagine.