Wednesday, February 02, 2005


MICKEY-LU'S-BAR-B-Q Marinette Wisconsin, USA, is touted by it's regulars as being the absolute "Best Barbeque In The World!" Now TRAVELSAPIEN is not one too argue BBQ because throughout the world there are variations of this ancient form of cooking and has been for ever. Every country has some form of BBQ under a variety of different names. Sweet!

TRAVELSAPIEN would say that whatever country you are in somebody has the best offering. A whole lot of people in the USA and their out of country visitors are convinced this out of the way operation may indeed be one of the best. Marinette Wisconsin surprised me in that so often the south eastern states have been known for their fantastic BBQ's and that includes Texas. Some of the best ribs TRAVELSAPIEN ever tasted was just south of a rural town, Sweetwater Tennessee. Nobody gives up their guarded recipe's. Even Northerners. Recipes are more so family than anything else one could imagine. Mickey-Lu's-Bar-B-Q cannot be left out of the majors. Mickey-Lu's-Bar-B-Q doesn't do ribs but their bratwurst and burgers make up for it in a huge way. They come with testimonials that will knock your taste buds off.

Chuck Finnessy has owned this eatery for some 30 plus years. Vehicles drive in from neighbouring states constantly. There is something about the ambience, the historical, and the friendly greeting everybody gets. Too boot they get fantastic BBQ foods, real honest to goodness old fashion American malts, a juke box and everthing you can imagine in Americana nostalgia. Great prices too!

You do not know America until you have visited MICKY-LU's BAR-B-Q and experienced what real good down home American BBQ is all about. If you think the fast food chains represent all there is to know then you don't know America at all. Take time out if in the area and give it a try. You will be hooked. Now you can say you know what America is really all about! The good people at know. Ask them for more details.