Thursday, February 17, 2005


WOMEN TRAVELING MORE With changing generations travel finds more relevance and distinct differences in interest by family and by gender. The opportunity for travel has become easier and easier. Today one sector of travel that has gained rapid strides is all female travelers. On their own or with a friend, this covers all ages with a great many woman taking to "Adventure Travel". Not just soft adventure but the more traditionally male visions of Safari, Rafting, Treks, Mountain Climbing and although not a high degree of difficulty Fly Fishing. Female independence in free time travel has come into it's own. The word is they also tip better! Just kidding. Maybe. Well, better than the fly fishermen anyway.

This should be no surprise as woman pioneers in travel have been doing their thing for centuries. Encarta spells out woman travelers of note. In 1869, Dutch explorer Alexandrine Pieternella Francoise Tinne' went out to be the first European woman to cross the Sahara Desert. Unfortunately it goes, visiting some area tribesmen she was robbed and murdered by her guides. Poor tip perhaps. In 1892 Isabella Lucy Bird Bishop became the first woman to be elected to the Royal Geographic Society. She is noted for circling the globe some three times and lived to tell about it. Notable other was Austrian, Ida Reyer Pfeiffer -wrote A Lady's Voyage Round the World, published in English in 1852. One of the first white woman to visit parts of eastern and central Africa was American May French Sheldon. Yes. There are many more.

Woman today refresh the challenge and are making up a vertical of travel growing extremely fast while the boys play golf or simply sit on the couch. Go Girl. It is your turn!
For the interested reader check out Hey! What's that all about ? If that doesn't beat all take a look at and for more travel try No it is not religious, but meets travel of a higher order one would think. Women travelers are seemingly well served by the Tourism Industry and surely will grow.

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