Thursday, February 17, 2005

MUSTIQUE IS NO "MYSTIQUE"! Studio54 at sea

Another "mysterious" island with the snob appeal. Come to think of it "The man who bought Mustique" was portrayed as just that. Colin Tennant, otherwise aristocrat, ortherwise Lord Glenconner purchased Mustique Island in the seventies and introduced it to his hob-nob friends including the likes of Princess Margaret of England and Mick Jagger, the grand dad rocknroll legend. They built their hide-a-way villa's there. Jagger and Bianca were still an item then. Others soon followed and Mustique became "Mystique" so to speak. The rich and famous jollied this luxurious island, had it's debaucherous parties within Glenconner's fanciful empire and friends like David Bowie, Jagger and era notables leading the limbo spirit. Since then Mustique has degenerated into a "wannabe" for the "lot of dot-com millionaires" so said Tennant. Colin Tennant was forced to sell his gatherings sometime in the mid-eighties but the dancing elves of vanity, continued and they even made a movie called The man who Bought Mustique circa 2001. A boring mishmash of the "Basil Fawlty of the aristocracy" said one critic. No matter the rich and famous still frequent this island in the sun located in the Caribbean and the ghosts of the Scotttish Lord who started it all begins to vanish into obscurity.

Stay for a week? Well think of about $35,000 US for a nice villa overlooking the ocean. No. That IS rental NOT purchase. There are lesser locations but Mustique still retains it's Mystique. So often the names are synonomous. Information is not that readily available on this mystical retreat but you may be tempted to seek out the URL The regional airline on the site can perhaps steer your quiry to the right people. An Island resort site of interest is or for additional information.It's good to know there are many who can enjoy such luxuries as this secret of the rich and famous, and, why not. Have fun.