Thursday, February 03, 2005


One could argue perhaps, however it is for a fact that Armenia was the cradle of Christianity in Europe! An intriguing landscape as yet unspoiled. Tourism has yet to catch hold in this haunting Country. TRAVELSAPIEN does endorse a visit. Try for early fall if possible. The Pagen temples, the untarnished ancient ruins, the stages of christianity through the centuries will simply take your breath away. It is said that all Western Civilization can see it's religious history in Armenia. Nothing against the travel values and edifices in Greece or Italy but Armenia remains true and chaste. A Country with a difficult history of barbaric invasions, unholy rulers, and, every form of oppression. The people remain friendly, helpful and greet foreigners warmly. You would be well served to visit. Armenian food, their wines, and, their famous brandy (better than French many say) all engage your senses. The cost is not prohibitive either. In Yerevan make sure you visit Paronian St. (street of BBQ's- Shashlik). Fantastic. Enjoy a bastrama sandwich, khash, harisa, kiufta, or kiev cutlets. If you are a funky soul go to "Poplavok the in jazz bar. Try Armenian pizza. "Luhmajun" A wonderful alternative to those you are likely familiar with. Armenian's live life. There is nothing "put on". It is hard to find good validated information on Armenia but do search out

Here you will find some facinating itineraries and extremely helpful, experienced travel people. TRAVELSAPIEN has been there and although it is not the practice to endorse ANY URL or their links, Armenia Explorer has proven to be excellent. One further note about Armenia, if a first time traveler, it may be wise to use a Tour Guide outside of the capital Yerevan.

Westerners will find that there is still little English spoken in the countryside. Armenian and Russian remain the most ready languages at the moment. This is changing quickly as Westerners discover this fantastic travel destination and Armenians rush into serve.