Sunday, January 16, 2005


Australia has an official National Public Toilet Map. This map (website) is designed to assist travelers visiting the Country as to where they may find relief. Listed is everything you ever wanted to know about Public Toilets. Opening Hours, toilet features and access features tops the important read. In Australia you are assured there will be no surprises. Kind of nice actually.

Now you CAN plan in advance just where, you will have clean, functional toilets ready and willing. You can go so far as to time your arrivals. TRAVELSAPIEN almost got caught with pants down on this one. Wow! Impressive.
Thank you Australia.

Speaking of toilets in the USA they do it a bit differently. You can TOUR Outhouses around America! Now this is really kool. There is an event(racing) called "The Outhouse Classic" held every year in Trenary Michigan the last Saturday in February, precisely at 2. P.M. Why 2 P.M.? No idea. Trenary draws some 4500 people to witness the visual impressions of Outhouses of every imaginable design race for glory. It is not the user racing for the outhouse, but, the outhouse racing with it's peers. A lot of good times, beer and camaraderie start things off.

Not only that, but there are Outhouse Tours. You can visit these very "out of the box" designs as built in various USA States. Some are novel but all are functional it would seem. Sort of. Imagine crossing the Pacific or Atlantic ocean telling your friends you are on your way to a tour of "Outhouses Across America". Would love to see the expression on their faces.
The great site with all the details is

TRAVELSAPIEN loves the idea. Just think at the end of each road you can find a little place to retreat and contemplate the day. Your pictures will be different when the neighbours drop by for a recap on your vacation. Actually not likely anybody will fall asleep. Got to love it