Wednesday, January 12, 2005


GRANDPARENTS & TRAVEL Take America as an example. About one-third of American adults are grandparents. There are some 70 million plus in the USA with more added daily. It is expected they will grow to over 115 million by 2010. The average age? 47.
Statistics from American Demographics Magazine say 59% have grandchildren in the 8-12 age group with 57% aged 4-7. Today's grandparents have higher levels of education and income and take a more aggressive role in their grandkid's education and cultural enrichment. Besides with the stress on young parents in our society grandparents play a large role in the day care and babysitting of the kids. So why not travel? Living long, healthier and financially secure grandparents have opened up a major new market with grandparents traveling with their grandchildren. Tourism around the world is adjusting with even "Elder" Hostel's ( and programs to match.

Recent statistics suggest that American grandparents, some six million are now vacationing with their grandchildren in a typical month! There you go. Put aside the golf clubs and ceramics, take the grandkids on a vacation they will always cherish. Another URL to take note of is There you will find an array of information about being the grandparent and options you can explore with respect to opening up a whole new book on personal gratification. A link you might wish to open is or The URL's have been in the business for some time and lead in the growing movement pretaining to grandparenting travel and things to do.

Of course in America nobody can miss taking the younger kids to the Icon of Entertainment being the two Disney Resorts. Take a look at and

Come on folks! Get off the couch and call up the grandkids. Time to travel!