Monday, January 10, 2005

Dumaguete City - Truly genuine!

Dumaguete City - Negros Oriental - Philippines
Of course there are thousands of islands to explore, however Dumaguete City is something special. Easily reached from Manila or Cebu City, Dumaguete is the entry point onto Negros Oriental. Dumaguete is home to world famous University's and a unique community where hospitality is foremost. An island of festivals. An island of incredible friendly people, a mixture of all Asian cuisines, inexpensive, and yet remains outside the normal travel channels. Too date most are Philippine students seeking a very good education and foreigners are those most apt to be Divers visiting the world famous underwater marine reserve, APO Island, just a short pump boat ride from Dumaguete City. TRAVELSAPIEN does not endorse URL's nor their ongoing links however pointing to sites that describe the wider picture is important. TRAVELSAPIEN, having experienced directly the offerings of Negros Oriental can suggest readers will find the information helpful and the photos inviting. Dumaguete City is truly a surprise. Not your neon splattered tourist vision but a working, living city without even ONE traffic light. Organized chaos within the city limits and yet everyone smiles. Got to love it.
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Would this be another visit? - In a heartbeat!