Friday, January 14, 2005

SUPER NATURAL British Columbia

Super Natural best describes this region of the world. British Columbia has recently won the bid to hold the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. These games will be shared between Vancouver, sitting on one of the world's most magnificent harbours, and Whistler Mountain, truly one of the world's premier four season destinations. Noted firstly for it's world class skiing, village restaurants, entertainment and people watching Whistler rivals destination resorts worldwide. Some of the worlds notable names in skiing, snow boarding, golf and tennis make Whistler their home. PGA Golf, mountain biking, and many other activities has made Whistler and the Pemberton Valley a premier spot on any travelers map any time of year.

The Province is broken into a number of geographical regions with a variety of climate variations including believe it or not an actual desert by definition. Not everything about British Columbia is winter as through out the year there are enough attractions and activities to satisfy the symphony goer to the avid backpacker, Motorhome traveler, Rail buff, or fishing fanatic. Don't forget the coastal region for boating and of course during the summer Vancouver is home for hundreds of sailings to Alaska along the inside straight and that is not about poker! One of TRAVELSAPIEN'S top choices for almost any holiday. Family, singles, young or the growing grey power traveler all find pleasure year round. An activity Province with lots to do and see.
TRAVELSAPIEN puts Vancouver, Whistler, and the Province of British Columbia high on a must do. For those searching for their dream time this could be the place!
TRAVELSAPIEN cannot endorse specific travel product represented on the Official site of British Columbia Tourism, however the portal offers you the opportunity to satisfy yourself that you have not missed an opportunity worth doing.

Sure to please! TRAVELSAPIEN has visited and worked in this Province numerous times and can speak personally that the experiences have been memorable. Specific holiday opportunities will be commented on ever so often giving further testament to putting it on any traveler's A-list. Whistler and Vancouver have their own official sites as well. and
British Columbia is a true 4 - Seasons playground. Say HELLO to B.C.