Thursday, January 13, 2005


Imagine Canada's West Coast "Inside Passage" on a vintage tugboat! This really is a unique form of travel, and, one up close look at the fabulous "Inside Passage". Plying off the coast of Canada's most westerly province, British Columbia, flanked by the waters of the Pacific Ocean this Tugboat holiday experience is unique, refreshing, and could be classed as a "must do". If you want cruising you can really brag about too your brassy, "big boat" neighbor's, this might just be the one to do it. Impressive to say the least.

Two 1941 Heritage "The Real Thing" tugboats! The tugs have been beautifully refitted too accommodate travelers looking for something completely different. If you are one to chase the Pacific Coast legendary salmon, or simply escape to ocean fish, it would be hard to find a better experience as well. Totally restored, 2 birth cabins, spotless washrooms, all the creature comforts complete with bathrobes, extra pillows, hairdryers, and select complimentary wines from around the world. Fabulous on board cooking fit for the discerning palate. Ultra fresh Sea Food to die for right from the waters off British Columbia coastline. So fresh from the sea, oysters, crab, salmon, mussels, halibut, snapper, and much more. Beachside barbecues rivaling the finest cuisine anywhere. Salt air, beachwood fires, big fish, or simply photographing the wild Orcas (Killer Whales) breaching right off the port bow. Man. Is this heaven? Westcoast sunsets, lacquered wood finish, fantastic personal attention offers truly an experience you have to live once. TRAVELSAPIEN highly recommends the venue. The people who deliver this extraordinary exotic experience seem to have their focus on the right button.
Visit their website for additional photographs and indeed a great video where you can begin to feel the great Canadian outdoors and something few may ever experience. That would be a pity. One supersize enjoyment package for that extraordinary traveler. Talk about dominating the conversation at the watercooler. Perhaps this is your chance.