Sunday, January 09, 2005


A recent Harris Poll, of course another poll, has identified what Outdoor Travel Enthusiasts fear the most. Oh. Are they saying Outdoor Travel Enthusiasts have fear?
SNAKES are number one. 63% fear factor.
HEIGHTS make up the second. 55% are afraid of heights? Holy Moly. Stay off balconies.
LEFT IN THE FOREST ALONE bothers some 41%. Without a Mall some people are lost.
SPIDERS AND INSECTS spook 37% Some did not read "Charlotte's Web".
PLANE TRAVEL terrifies another 35%
MICE humiliate 27%. Nobody discussed the rats. Hmmmmm.
THUNDER AND LIGHTENING shook up 23% You just know these people don't golf.
DOGS freak out 21% They insist on taking their cats everywhere.
Well TRAVELSAPIEN suggests these findings must have been conducted in a dark room. It could not possibly have been with bold, brave, outdoor adventurer types. Like what now?
RUN might be the ticket. Perhaps they should check out something like and equip themselves with a pair of Merrell or UGGS, then beat it down that foot path as fast as possible. Keep the faith all. Fear should not suspend your ambition for a great outdoor adventure. Happy trails.